Strut mount popping noise

It was the driver's side "OEM" strut mount that crapped out

There is a popping noise from either the right or the left front coil springs when turning to the right or left

A new strut mount will pretty much fill the gap, but age and use will compress the mount until there is room to move and clunk

It will make the noise about 3 times during the complete turning of the wheels

The bearing mounts over the strut and swivels when turning while the strut mount is stationary

The drivers side was smoother and the shuttering much less pronounced

I ran over a rather large pot hole while driving home in the middle of the night

Dec 02, 2008 · New struts in car, now making clunking sound? I just got new struts and sway bars put in my car yesterday

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This separation causes the strut mount bearing to shake when the Camry is driven over rough road surfaces, resulting in a constant rattling noise in the front end

However, wear, high load or external influences such as frost, salt, humidity and temperature fluctuations can lead to a shortened lifespan

This preliminary informational bulletin provides a procedure to replace both the front suspension mounts and cups to correct a condition of a popping noise from the fron of the vehicle when traveling over bumps due to the front strut mount being torn due to high underbody/underhood temps in addition to traveling over Strut mount bearings are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle

(The 2-digit “Group” number (**) is insignificant for this bulletin

While driving various speeds, a clunking noise was heard coming from the front passenger side of the vehicle

Rattles, pops, clunks and bangs are indicative of a suspension problem

Jan 12, 2016 · The strut assembly for a car, truck or SUV is a critical member for the suspension family that impacts the overall drivability of the vehicle

Just installed h&r super sport lowering springs on stock struts and shocks with panhard bar and control arms and it makes a popping/clunking noise when going over little crack and bumps on the road on passenger front and sometime rear The driver side doesn't at all Toyota Camry 2007-2011: Suspension Noise Diagnostic Guide

Re: Suspension front clunking noise, strut mounts? That popping sound when turning right or left with the car parked is usually related to a bad CV joint, have you  25 Apr 2020 For frontend noises, pop the hood and have your comrade press down to examine the upper strut or shock mounts and the control arm joints

The noise was coming from under the wheel well on the passenger side

Another common cause of noise is that the shock or strut mountings may not be tight enough causing the unit to have some slight movement between the bolt and bushing or other attaching parts

09-17-2015, 09:  15 Apr 2019 Google says struts should always be replaced in pairs and strut mounts replaced when struts are done

It has developed a “clunking” noise on the right front, when driven on a rough street

Unfortunately it was a few days before the first strut mount started making noise

Shock and strut mounts, also known simply as strut mounts, attach the strut (the one with a coil spring in it) to the vehicle’s chassis

Spring Compressor Clamp  Replacing strut mounts is always recommended when replacing the struts

Can feel the clunk/pop vibration with hand placed on the lower spring seat

To me it sounds like it is in the front, but the mechanics say everything looks fine

I would definitely try new edlinks but, if its a clicking not clunking its probably not that

About 99% sure it's a defective top strut mount which makes the clunking or plopping noises under load

In the rear the strut mounts corrode and deteriorate the new replacements are steel old are a cheap pot metal

Noise is almost silent at the strut mount/bearing, so I suspect it's lower in the assembly

After the install, the noise was gone and everything seemed good so I gave the car to my wife

The second time they replaced the RF strut bearing, the RF strut, and the RF tie rod

when i swapped em out I could take the rod in the strut, and manually pull it up and let go and it would drop like dead weight

Anyone else hear a popping noise coming from the front when making sharp turns out of like a parking lot or stop sign? I took my 2015 STi in for the noise and they replaced the driver side strut mount saying it was faulty, but now I hear the same popping noise coming out of the passenger side and I'm wondering if they're just really shitty strut mounts or if its actually a different issue that When the strut housing becomes dented, the strut shock will pop in and out of the strut tube

so when i got home i checked the torque on the top of the strut mount and on the pinch bolt and sway linkage, all of them had some play except for the pinch bolt

I had new KYB struts and mounts installed in my 2005 Saturn Ion in March of this year

I know there was a TSB for the 05's on a binding strut mount, which is what I think is the Since the spring around the top of the strut is captured entirely on the strut, the space between the spring perch at the top and the top cap is the space in which the suspension can play

12 May 2018 Specifically to the strut mount/bearing on the shocks and struts

Since replacing them with GT500 strut mounts nearly 2 years ago, the popping noises haven't come back no matter which direction the car is being turned

I thought I would add my tale as I am now on my 2nd strut replacement

One of the telltale signs of a suspension system that requires service is unusual noise

It almost sounds like a squeek or grinding sound when going over small bumps

Whenever she goes over bumps, and more so when cold outside, the front of the car, especially the passenger side will start clunking very loud

Oct 12, 2016 · A noise similar to one of those spring type door stops? a Twanggg

i have been having a popping noise coming from the front of my 2000 ford taurus wagon (se?)

I took out the air ride in my car and replaced it with Bilstien HD's and HR race springs

The noise in the video is  25 Jul 2012 Front Strut & Steering Noise - Does Your Malibu Sound Like This? 08 Malibu used in this video

This morning when i ran it to work, I've noticed the vehicle rides very tightly, but now instead of a popping sound where my bad strut was, there's a creaky clunking sound on the opposite side, where another new strut was placed

In case anyone is actually following this, I replaced the strut with the new unit today

Step 1 - A strut or shock is designed to dampen unwanted vehicle motion, if these components wear they will become loose or leak which can create popping, banging and rattling noises

I take it to the mechanic and he said that the spring on my tire was broken in half

Once these are removed you’ll see the “T The TSB is #02-006/09, I got a copy of it from my buddy at Mazda and since I am out of warranty I just bought the part (two, one for each side) that needs to be replaced and will be getting it installed at my work (non-Mazda dealership) hopefully by this Tuesday

last february i replaced the strut towers units, the tierod ends, ball joints, hubs, cv axles, and a arm bushings and haven't had any front suspension problems until two weeks ago

I looked at the strut tower and the strut mount looks like it might be loose

It has several functions, including dampening wheel noise and vibrations that would otherwise travel through the vehicle

clunk in front strut mount? - Is the common clunk in the front a strut mount bracket, or bushing? I have occasional crunching or popping noise coming from the In the last two to three months, my 2013 ST has been into the dealer three times for a front end popping noise

) This sound only started very shortly after replacing the struts for the first time at 150K miles

New Chrysler Dodge Control Arm Tension Strut end noise can make a creaking, groaning, banging and popping sound if the rubber mount that attaches to the subframe tears

Strut mounts with a date code of 151225** (12/25/2015) and newer are the new type

It replaced everything; strut, spring, strut mount and all the rubber pieces in one complete unit

The issue is now fixed and there is zero popping upon acceleration and the low speed rattle/vibration over bumps is now gone

overview: i was hearing a noise i thought was the cv bootbut turns out it's the upper strut assembly popping

I am only getting what appears to be Shock Noise or like a rattle noise from under the hood, even when I travel on well paved road or somewhat bumpy

Front strut mounts usually also house a bearing that allows the wheels to turn left or right

NHTSA ID Number: 10118983 Manufacturer Communication Number: PI1510A Summary

To see how frequently Buick Enclave problems occur, check out our car reliability stats

Seemed perfect for about 2,000 miles but not the popping noise is back and worse than it has ever been before

The fact that the noise was one directional made me more suspicious

There is also an additional strut problem that occurred on several hundred Roush Mustangs from 2005 and 2007

Took it to the shop and they replaced the front struts, including the strut mounts

When I checked the strut mounts they didn't look worn out and when I turn the wheel the I am not getting a popping noise as if the spring is moving

After several Lately I have been noticing a pop, pop, pop from my front end when I turn the wheel slightly either way

Try spraying some lubrication where the spring sits in the lower mount

If I try to twist the spring, I can duplicate the noise ( it feels like it is binding)

Another potential source of noise is the husky stabilizer bar (also known as a sway The mount itself may be worn enough to cause the shock/strut to move up and down

This will check to see if the bearing plates will make a clicking or popping noise while the vehicle is stationary

Installed the new sway bar bushings today and went with the Raybestos brand - part #23-5501764 and found them on Amazon for $19 (set of 2)

The insulating material density changes over time and the mount pivot bearings wear

The jounce bumper is located on top of the shock's piston rod, which tends to stick in colder environments

I took delivery of the new Ody the end of February and noticed the noise right away

I have changed mine out once already and the noise is still there especially during cold starts

The accord is especially bad in cold weather but the noise goes away in warm weather as a function of the stiffness of the rubber

This happened in my drive way which is on an incline up to the street, also in the parking lot at the CVS (also an incline)

A strut is a glorfied shock, maybe the strut mount/bearing could fail and start groaning/creeking but likely only when turning

Re: popping/knocking sound from front I've also been noticing the same type of noise over the past couple of months

I replaced both front strut assemblies with Monroe Quick Struts (photo attached)

Popping in front suspension while turning In the last couple of days while backing up and turning the wheel to the left, I get a popping noise from the right front of the suspension

driving home from the city the car starting knocking and popping from the front end

Video of this clunk/click while parked: Noise is almost silent at the strut mount Technical Information - KYB Americas % The noise can be pretty loud at times when stopping and also during parking lot manuevers

Clunk/click sound usually only occurs once, or in a short series of 2-3 times, during turning

Aug 17, 2008 · Yeah I dunnounless it is really far gone a strut wouldn't make any noise like described

14260 mi: Installed updated strut bearing and springs to fix clicking noise when turning a low speeds

Lately I have been removing the rear bushing and applying aluminum tape to the spindle that the bushing slides over

It mostly happens when turning in motion but once in a while when parked

Have now replaced with three new struts since from three different retailers: one Unity, then two KYB, same noise

Eibach released a TSB and will send out replacement shocks if drivers of affected vehicles put in a request

On the second trip, they replaced the strut, noting that it was "leaking and rattling", and did a 4-wheel alignment

Also sometimes a worn motor mount can make similar noises but if it started at the strut I would say it's maybe a function of how the strut was assembled and maybe the spring rubs on the rubber a little differently

I gave it three stars because the strut (left and right) are both making this strange noise

You MAY feel the spring "give" as the mount builds up tension and lets go as the wheel and strut try to rotate on it

Suspension noise such as clunking, rattling or popping on rough roads

I changed both at the same time, but the passenger A bad strut mount bearing can also cause a popping or creaking noise when turning the steering wheel at slow speeds

I found this page while researching the strut noise on my 2011 Ody

very possible that they didnt tighten it down enough or broke a rubber bushing allowing for the noise

The strut spring seemed to be binding which was making the noise

21 Apr 2018 How to Fix Suspension and Drivetrain Popping Noises Step 1 - A strut or shock is designed to dampen unwanted vehicle motion, if these If a sway bar mount or the connecting links become worn or loose it can generate a  21 Jan 2016 replaced the front struts and rear shocks and now have a popping noise when making I replaced my struts and did not replace the mounts

If you’re still unsure if the noise is coming from the seats you can remove the upper strut nut and washer from inside the engine bay with the strut still installed

Fiat needs to come out with a better part to eliminate this annoying noise problem, imo

Volvo S60 Front Upper Strut Mounts May Fail and Cause Noise Over Bumps - 137 reports

all was good until i noticed the CV boot was May 19, 2017 · I had a similar experience, however the popping sounds began long before lowering my car

Clunk popping metal thud rattle! 300M, in fact most vehicles make similar noise when the strut bushing is worn out Check the other  28 Nov 2017 In this case you would need to purchase bearings with the strut mounts if you are attempting to fix a noisy strut bearing

There are varying degrees of issue, ranging from "annoying but safe" to "unsafe, pull over immediately

I have put brand new control arms on and have the noise return within 5k miles

Re: Upper Strut Mount? **SOLVED** Just a quick update for my Lambda friends

My car makes a clunk/popping sound while turning the steering wheel

Even though Honda says it's "normal" its a bit disconcerting to hear any kind of noise from the front suspension area

It destroyed my tire and tire sidewall and soon after the strut started to make a knocking noise while going over bumps

Check motor/tranny mounts all good shape strut boot is off but seems to be in decent shape Do not jack the car up which takes the weight off the strut mount

Dealer acknowledged problem and said nissan was working on a solution to strut bearing problem

When I hit a bump or even a slight crack in the road the front passenger side makes a sort of a thud clunking rattling noise

(only reused the coil springs) Reassembly went smooth and after the first time and the second time i took it in and had a full alignment done on the truck

How to recognize a defective strut mount bearing: If you want to detect a defective strut mount bearing, there are several signs that Jan 01, 2013 · HI, Ok, it sounds like a problem with the sway bar link

Jun 14, 2016 · The new strut mounts are identified by a printed date code on the underside of the strut mount as shown in the photos and illustrations below

When replacing one in the front or back it is good practice to replace the other front or back strut

When the strut housing becomes dented, the strut shock will pop in and out of the strut tube

Sep 10, 2010 · About a week later when i got up in the morning to drive to school i noticed this thumping/popping noise when going over any size bump or occasionally no bumps

it almost feels like the strut bottoms out, but I installed brand new KYB GR2s last year, haven't had a problem since

If the bearing plate or upper mount is damaged, there may be a noise when turning the car wheels to the left or the right

dunno if there is a strut test, but id assume your wheel would take longer than your other side wheel to jack up when raising the car

If you notice cracking, popping or groaning sounds when turning, or clunking or rattling when driving on rougher roads, you may have a bad strut bearing or 3 Jun 2018 Broken rear strut bushing in a chrysler sebring convertible sounds like a loud metal thud

Old mounting bolts can stretch if over- torqued or if  The Dodge Charger front end noise needs a little diagnosis

Steering snap back after turning caused by a frozen upper strut bearing assembly and spring wind up

So I stopped the car at the walmart parking lot and popped the hood

What if you have had popping noise fixed by the dealer by retorquing the  This will likely result in a loose ball joint and a clunking noise

Apr 25, 2020 · A groaning noise when you turn the wheel typically means there's a dry joint, likely at the idler or pitman arm

As shocks and bushings wear, they lose their ability to properly support the strut

When the strut bottoms out, the metal-to-metal contact can cause a knocking sound that emanates from the front or rear wheels

NOTE: Electronic chassis ears may be helpful in isolating this type of noise

Oct 26, 2015 · If you manage to narrow down the clunking noise to the front struts, the dealership should repair it free of charge

While driving any vehicle, hitting bumps and dips along the way is normal and are absorbed by several suspension components to produce a smooth ride

Almost immediately they began to make a clicking/ratcheting noise at low speed

After picking the car up, there was a popping sound and popping feeling in the steering wheel whenever you would turn it past center, either left or right

bearing plates will make a clicking or popping noise while the vehicle is stationary The accord is especially bad in cold weather but the noise goes away in warm weather as a function of the stiffness of the rubber

Feb 15, 2011 · Axle nuts, endlinks, strut mount, brake pads (this probably should be last, I wouldnt think this would be the problem), strut repack

Increased steering effort (most noticeable with manual steering) brought on by binding in the bearing plate

If you get a loud thump from one side going over large potholes or speed bumps, and the car seems to roll excessively while you're turning the other direction, you may have a blown shock

Recently replaced the two front struts and noticed the passenger side is exhibiting this peculiar clunking/clicking/popping sound when turning

The vehicle's weight is transferred through the upper strut mount instead of a load-bearing ball   11 Oct 2015 The motor mount struts should be checked

The way the steering wheel turns may feel jerky too; like it jams and snaps free repeatedly

Replace both the front left and front right coil springs, front strut bearings and single use What Will Silence Squeaky Struts and Shocks? The squeaking noises caused by a strut is due to a lack of lubrication on the jounce bumper, which can be silenced using grease

Did you replace those parts of the strut assembly, or just the strut cartridge? The bearing and bearing plate should always be changed with the strut - everything in the strut assembly except the spring, essentially

How did you get the spring on the strut when you replaced it? Anyway, I had this popping noise in the front end of my car

I purchased the part Begin with the vehicle on level ground, engine off (cold) in park with the emergency brake set

Apr 30, 2012 · The noise was not coming clearly from the top of the strut, however, I could see and feel the tire and strut (in the wheel well) slowly shuttering as the wheel turned left and right

The nut and washer can be seen in the diagram to the left and are numbered 1 and 2

Pop the hood and watch the top of the engine as you go from drive to  3 Jul 2017 Also, If the strut is bad: What other problems can it lead to if not replaced immediately (If its just noise i can live with it); How long can I wait  Replace the rear transmission mount and both transmission cooler lines

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below

Like mentioned earlier a CV joint would click when turning and braking/accelerating

A light rapping noise might only be a sway bar end-link, whereas a heavy thump is more likely a control arm, control arm bushing or strut mount

A shock and strut mount serves two functions: it insulates the strut from the car while most can also act as a steering pivot

If it were due to piece missing from the strut assembly as you suspect, first, you could pop the hood, grab the upper strut bolt and wiggle the whole strut some

also, you would definitely have front wheel wobble and vibration, neither Jan 03, 2020 · A rubber vibration dampener within the strut mount has a tendency to separate from the interior metal casing of the strut mount assembly

I threw in some new stabilizer bar links for good measure since the ball joints seemed to have a lot of play

Especially when turning sharply into a parking spot, either left or right, it sounds like a spring pops violently and creaks like crazy

Even if there is no oil on the strut, there could be issues with the upper mount or bearing plate

" If you're not sure which camp your issue falls under, you should take care to find out sooner rather than later

In the front it is probably a tie rod end or ball joint,   14 Jun 2016 This bulletin announces a design change to the front strut mounts intended to address customer concerns of a popping-type sound which may  If the noise is present with a strut, then the upper bearing plate should be inspected and replaced if necessary